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Author Topic: Exporting a car from Oman to Dubai...  (Read 2608 times)


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Exporting a car from Oman to Dubai...
« on: April 22, 2012, 06:30:18 pm »

...also known as "Importing a car to Dubai from Oman".


The Facts: I have seen a car for sale in Oman (Muscat) that I would like.  :woo:

What I think is the process: Car has to be de-registered in Oman and I need to get Export plates. Transport it to Dubai and pay 5% Import Fees and various other charges that they will slap me in the face with. Register it in my name in Dubai.  :dunno:

The Potential Problems: The car may have some mechanical/electrical gremlins so I do not want to risk driving it back and although I think I intellectually understand the process involved I really don't know WTF I am talking about.

Anyone have experience of this?
Know of any companies that take care of this nonsense/have a flatbed truck/enjoy day trips to Muscat?
Any other suggestions?

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